Portable Microwave Links

Operating Frequency Range 15-15.5 GHz optional: (10-10.45), (9.5-10.5) and (7.7-8.5) GHz
Frequency Source Synthesizer
Output Power 27dBmآ±1db
Sensitivity (BER=10e3) -85dBm
Noise Figure 2dB
Frequency Stability آ±5 ppm
IF Frequency 70MHz
AGC Range 55dB
Transmit and Receive Range 60Km

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35 Watt, Outdoor Solid State Power Amplifier

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Spin Coater

Spin coating is a procedure used to apply uniform thin films to flat substrates. An excess amount of a solution is placed on the substrate, which is then rotated at high speed in order to spread the fluid by centrifugal force

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Melon Mobile Robot

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8 GHz Out Door unit

Operating Frequency Range 8.2-8.5GHz
Frequency Source Synthesizer
Output Power 29dBm±1dBm
Sensitivity (BER=10e3) -92dBm
Data Rate 4*2 Mb/s
Frequency Stability ±5ppm
Modulation OQPSK
AGC Range 60 dB
Digital Line Code HDB3

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Welcome to IT&mmWaves website!

IT&mmWaves company has been founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2004.
The main activity of company is involved in IT and communication fields and related issues.

Build application for designing the communication systems or subsystems.
Design, build and technology transfer for RF communication systems, microwave, millimeter-wave and THz.
Researches and technology of this company is being sold to other companies for production, in this case, supervision of producing the prototype, supervision and preparing the production line and provide and guarantee the electronic components, generally are our responsibilities.
Other activity of It&mmWaves Company is design, prepare and deliver well equipped research and educational laboratories for universities in Malaysia and other countries.
Our clients: this company has contracts with international companies like Huawei, Nokia, NEC, Ericsson, TM (R&D) and TM.
This company also applies electromagnetic waves in agricultural pest, food science and biomedical.
Designing the MMIC with GaAs and GaN like High Powe Amplifier is one of the new fields of the company The other new field is to provide the learning workshops for Physics course in school.

Activities :

  • Telecommunication systems (optical, RF, microwave, mm Waves, Tera Hertz)
  • Test equipments
  • Wireless communication
  • Application of electromagnetic waves in agriculture and food science
  • RFIC Design
  • Consultation and Execution
  • IT
  • Design the MMIC with GaAs and GaN
  • Antennas and Propagation
  • and more...

Our Clients